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We’re powered by Tusk: The Care Navigation Tool. 

Tusk is a caregiver navigation platform designed to help caregivers of people living with dementia. 


Support your own wellness while caring for your loved one using customized, timely resources.

“Without Tusk, I would never have been able to help like I do… I feel without Tusk I would be lost.”​
Caregiver, and Tusk User
“As an early adopter of Tusk, I have used it to engage with my clients who are experiencing dementia with a friend or family member.”
Personal Patient Navigator, and Tusk User


Caregivers love using Tusk. Here are some of our most popular features on the caregiver navigation platform. 

Timely Dementia Resources

Tusk recommends relevant, local resources throughout the caregiving journey.

Caregiver Wellness Tracker

Track and manage your own wellness throughout your caregiving journey.

Symptom Tracker

Follow the change in symptoms using an industry-recognized pathway.

Real Human Help

Get matched with a Tusk Care Navigator for ongoing help throughout your journey.

Easy Progress Tracking

Dementia symptoms are assessed using simple to answer questions and displayed in easy to read graphs. 

Ongoing Development

We use real feedback from users to continuously improve the Tusk experience.

As a caregiver, you’re not alone. Tusk can help.

Tusk helps caregivers along each stage of the care pathway.

By 2038, caregivers are estimated to provide over 68 million hours of unpaid care to Albertans living with dementia.


Simple, straight-forward monthly pricing, with plans to suit your needs. You can change your plan at any time with our hassle-free guarantee. 

Caregiver LITE

A simple way to familiarize yourself with Tusk and caring for a life with dementia.
$ 0 Monthly
  • Access to our smart Resources library
  • Access to our smart Service Provider library
  • 30-day free trial of the "Basic" package and all associated features

Caregiver BASIC

Core tools to see changes in symptoms and boost wellness over time.
$ 10 Monthly
  • All features in "LITE", including our smart Resource and Service libraries.
  • Symptom Tracker and visualizations over time.
  • Wellness Tracker and caregiver stress management.
  • Smart prompts for monitoring symptoms and wellness.
  • Pathway recommendations and caregiver foresight.

Caregiver PLUS

Enhanced support from real-life humans as you navigate the care pathway.
$ 39
  • All features in "BASIC"
  • Real-life support from trained Care Navigators to help you along your journey.
  • Local support from real humans by phone, email, or video call.

We’re powered by Tusk: The Care Navigation Tool. 

It’s a platform that helps caregivers navigate their complex, stressful, and uncertain caregiving journey. 

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