Community ASAP: Increasing the Chances of Finding Missing Persons Living with Dementia

Photo:  Bruno Martins, Unsplash Background The prevalence of persons living with dementia is increasing.  The chances these individuals go missing is also rising.  Researchers have recently reported their findings of a study conducted in three Canadian provinces about an alert system known as “Community ASAP”. … Read More »Community ASAP: Increasing the Chances of Finding Missing Persons Living with Dementia

Planning Ahead

Photo: Gus Moretta, Unsplash People don’t like to consider the finality of their death.  That’s just the reality.  This is one of the leading reasons why people procrastinate against end of life planning.  Once you receive a dementia diagnosis, is it too late?  This is… Read More »Planning Ahead

Qualifications in Caregivers

Photo:  Gerog Arthur, Unsplash Informal caregivers often ask how to know that a caregiver that they’ve hired to provide care for their loved one is qualified.  When they do succeed in obtaining some respite relief through an in-home care provider, they’ve commented on the differing… Read More »Qualifications in Caregivers

Difficult Decisions: Driving

Photo:  Cristofer Maximilian One of the most awkward and stress-inducing conversations that loved ones have while caring for a person living with dementia is the question of whether the person living with dementia should continue to operate a motor vehicle. The loss of a driver’s… Read More »Difficult Decisions: Driving

What is Caregiver Burden?

Photo: Paul Stickman, Unsplash Caregivers of individuals living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia often report feeling stressed.  What does that mean?  How much stress is too much?  What strategies can be used to lessen the feelings of stress?  Why do some people feel… Read More »What is Caregiver Burden?

Push Back Against Dementia

  If you’re someone who worries about getting Alzheimer’s or dementia someday, you’ll want to hear how science, and specifically the work of Dr. Rob Sutherland, is proving that we can fight back against genetic predispositions of dementia. Life With Dementia is here to share practical tips,… Read More »Push Back Against Dementia