Bernie Travis Talks Dementia


Bernie Travis is a woman on a mission: to spread hope surrounding the dementia diagnosis. Today on our show we talk to Bernie as she shares the personal story that led her to start the Early Onset Dementia Alberta Foundation (EODAF) and host an annual conference.

The EODAF 6th Annual Building Dementia Awareness Conference is coming up, October 3 – 5, 2019. It provides education for the person with dementia, care partners and families, healthcare professionals, politicians, students, educators, and others interested in learning more about dementia. This is the only open conference where all levels of organizations, government, and Albertans can interact, network, and collaborate.

“This is my mission – to share hope, to know that you can live a beautiful life with dementia, and to learn more. Let’s keep talking about dementia because the more we talk, the more research is done, and the more change will occur.”

Bernie Travis, Founder of EODAF

Bernie talks about some of the educational opportunities that can be found over the three days of this conference which includes some amazing keynote speakers such as Peter Bewert with The Butterfly Model and Teepa Snow of Positive Approach to Care, who are world-renowned dementia educators. The conference keynote sessions also include Dr. Habib Chaudhury, Dr. Robert Sutherland, and Dr. Jasneet Parmar who are extremely well respected through their involvement in top-notch research and practical application in the field.

There will also be several different panel sessions of people sharing the lived experience of dementia: individuals living with the diagnosis and spouses or family members sharing their story to promote open table discussions. Just as Bernie firmly states, “Dementia is a global problem. Knowing you’re not alone and that you have people that you can reach out to gives you that calmness in the storm.” Bernie and her team are working hard to fulfill the mission of EODAF: to build bridges that connect others and advocate for persons with dementia, care partners, and family members. If you want to read more detailed summaries of all the speakers and sessions at the conference, you can find that here. To purchase tickets, click here.

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